Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So I think my hubby may be buttering me up so I get him something awesome for Valentines, because I told him I bought some new make up from one company only to be told about a great deal from another company selling just around the corner from the first.  I was tempted, but instead told my husband about the deal with some ;) winky faces ;) to hint that I might want it too. He texted back with "you don't need a bunch of makeup tho....you're pretty without it!:)" His exact words from my text!!!

Well, guess this girl is gonna hit up her favorite shopping site Amazon in order to find something good and get it delivered in time for the big holiday! If you don't have their Amazon Prime Account you are missing out, because they offer FREE two day shipping on so much stuff! Works great for those last minute shoppers and for items you may want right away!

I'm not quite sure what I plan to get him, but I did find a magnet that fit my husband perfectly! :)  


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