Thursday, February 18, 2016

Star Wars fever

My girls and their dad are OBSESSED with Star Wars and the fever really striked the house when the new Force Awakens came out. My kids wanted to go see it with their dad, but he wanted them to see the originals first. So we spent two weekends watching all the original Star Wars. (by original I mean 4-6, because I'm told those are the only ones that count, lol)

That's when the fever hit my kids hard!!! They've all become obsessed and every time they see anything with Star Wars it gets pointed out. 

My oldest decided she wanted to check out books at the local library (amazing what you can find at the local library, I'm just saying) and can you guess what she checked out?!? Yup Star Wars!!! One of the books was a craft book so I was tasked with making most of the items both kids wanted. Thankfully most of the stuff that I needed to create these crafts you can find at the local dollar store!

These are their Millennium Falcons and I also had to make the little girly a special belt. 


The final project came from another blogger and was an awesome Valentines craft I made for my oldest to take for their exchange. Forgive the mess surrounding them, but I immediately bagged them for her to take to school so just snapped the pic as soon as they were completed messy scraps from creating them and all :)


The kids also want light sabers, but we need either paper towel tubes or gift wrap tubes and I don't have any on hand yet. Oh and to make paper plate Yoda's that they saw in the craft book, those are part of weekend plans I think.  So I hope the "crafting force" will be with you all and you create some fun things for/with your kids!

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