Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Anniversary fun

They always say to expect the unexpected, but I didn't expect to have my kids for most of the day yesterday. It was my anniversary and my sweet friend was supposed to watch the kids all day. Well, her kid ended up sick and we didn't know until we arrived. So plan B was made at the last minute. 

Family is part of why we get married, so only fitting to me we spend the day as a family doing special stuff as a family. Off to the big city we go and drive around looking for a new restaurant to try as a special treat. We found a fun looking seafood restaurant tucked away on a side road and headed on in. The food was delicious and it was great discovering this as a family!

After that we continued on with our original plan of trying to find a new bedding set. We like to follow the suggested anniversary gift ideas and this was year 13 for us! The gift listed for year 13 was lace or textile/furs. Lace is kinda hard to get for a guy really which is why we decided on some new bedding, that's a textile, right?!? 

The Bed, Bath and Beyond didn't disappoint and we found a great set, so we couldn't leave the kids out. Toysrus was right next door and we took the kids over there and allowed them to pick a new toy. Barbie Rock and Royals for the win for my girls!!

Not the day we intended or the places we planned to go, but over all a great family day out with special treats for all of us!

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