Friday, October 30, 2015

Pajama Day.....almost all week!

It's really funny when your husband questions if your youngest even got dressed during the week. Now let me explain, she's 3 and very persistent so if we don't need to go anywhere except the bus stop I'm not going to pressure her to get dressed. 

This past week was spent doing lots of ironing, cutting and sewing! We only had to leave the house for things on Monday and Wednesday. So I took full advantage of that and spent the other three days at home working on projects!! It was a change from the week before because I had my mom in town the week before and I didn't get much of anything done that week. 

It was a good week and I got several things finished and more laid out and started. It's a good thing too as I signed up to set up a table at a local winter festival in order to try and sell items I've made. Which is great and a good way to get my skills noticed more, but you need products made in order to sell!! Kind of an important part of the process I think! Thankfully, baby girl is happy to play and color and watch some TV while her sister is at school and as long as I feed her occasionally she lets me work. 

So if she wants to insist on staying in her pjs all day and "having a pajama day" as she calls it I'm fine with that!!! We do what works and that's what makes her happy since she thinks it makes her special to not get dressed!!