Thursday, September 27, 2018

What’s your Motivation?

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs these last two years that I’ve been absent from this blog. We all have them, but what’s your motivation to keep going?

Currently my motivation is centered around myself and my 3 girls! I’m motivated to get myself healthier and in better shape, because it not only will help me it will help my girls. If your thinking how is my getting healthy going to help my girls I’ll tell you. If they see me making positive choices and healthy choices they are going to follow my lead. Kids are little sponges they soak everything in and apply it to their life. 

Recently because it’s started cooling down some where I live, I’ve started walking more in mornings. This weekend instead of staying home while I walked my 6yo asked to ride her scooter and pushed me to go further then I normally walk too. Did she get tired? Yes, but she pushed on with some encouragement from me. She’s my biggest cheerleader when it comes to working out and it’s awesome! 

Then my 11yo whines that she didn’t get to go with me and she HATES cardio of any kind lol. So she felt like she missed out on something by not going and wanted to join us. Next weekend we plan to all go for the walk instead!

Same goes for healthy eating, if we shove our faces full of Oreos all day, they will too. But if we keep healthy choices and we eat them as well the kids will follow suit. It’s amazing how simple it is if they just see it and think it’s normal then it becomes normal. I’ll admit my 6yo has started expecting candy every day because we let it slide this summer. Am I trying to reign that in? Sure, but it’ll take a little time to shift her from expecting it every day. 

So find that motivation! Make the choices right for you! Even if you start super small with something like getting all your water in for the day it’s a start!