Saturday, October 1, 2016

Netflix and chill?????

So I'm sure everyone at this point has heard the term "Netflix and chill", well this took on a whole new meaning in our house the other day. My 4yo has a horrible cough that kept her home from school and me being 32 weeks pregnant I tend to relax while they are at school anyways.

Soooooo much to the little princesses happiness we snuggled and watched all kinds of kids shows and movies on Netflix all day yesterday!!! So we chilled, but not in the same context as that statement apperantly means per the hip people of the world!

Now after 3 days of getting to watch Netflix cartoons and movies she's officially addicted and wanted to stay home from school and "chill" rather then go back to the normal. She loved watching Care Bears, Popples, The Boxtrolls and I have no idea what else. It definitely was a nice change from the normal cartoons we watch and good for her to get a wider variety of TV time.