Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Top 5 ways a puppy is like a baby!!!

So having a puppy seems to be a lot like having a baby!!!! It's been seriously like 12 years or so since we've had a puppy and man I forgot how it can be! Don't get me wrong, I love my new little ball of fur, but man I'm ready for some of these puppy traits to be done!

Thinking about getting a puppy let me tell you some ways they are like babies so you can be warned ;)

1. You have to potty train them!!! Yup they don't just know to not pee on your rug you have to teach them the difference from inside and outside the house. Much like a baby where you have to teach them to no longer just use the bathroom in their pants!

2. They don't sleep through the night! Nope even puppies need to learn about daytime and nighttime and they need potty breaks throughout the night otherwise you have a mess to clean up. Yeah, so if you just got your baby to sleep all night and you don't want to start all over again then maybe hold off a little while before getting a puppy.

3. They like to eat and chew on everything!!! Bring on the puppy proofing which is almost same as baby proofing except you don't have to worry about pup opening cabinets and doors.

4. They need lots of attention and love! Just like a baby needs lots of your time it's better for puppy if they get a lot also!

5. Lots of doctor visits!!! Yup there's lots of shots they need to be protected from this and that and they recommend them starting at 8 weeks and going on every two weeks for I'm not sure how long lol. But it's a good way to be sure they stay healthy just like with your newborn the doctor gives you extra support and encouragement.

So as my puppy whines to go out, or get attention, or her toy, yeah I'm not sure what she wants lol, but it's time to jump off here and attend to her! Good luck if you choose to get a new puppy and just be sure to have lots of time to work with your new pup!

 My sweet puppy!