Monday, May 23, 2016

That is not what I was "expecting"...

Just imagine in your mind a sticky note placed close to where your husbands toothbrush usually sits and him thinking "why'd my wife put a note on my toothbrush?" That's the scenario that happened to my husband a few weeks before Mother's Day this year!!! The post-it note stated "that's not what I was "expecting" and it wasn't on his toothbrush but the pregnancy test I'd taken that morning. 

This is the first time I've ever found out before my husband and we were definitely not planning this!! I actually had planned to see my doctor for a referral about something unrelated but bc I was late again thought just in case I should take a test. Well, sure enough it was positive and I was shocked!!!

This morning in particular I had to leave before my husband came home to change clothes, so not wanting to text him to tell him the news I had to think! Which is why he'd found the note on his sink on what he at first thought was his toothbrush lol. 

Right around the time I'm sitting down with my youngest to watch my oldest daughter get her AB honor roll certificate the husband calls. I answer since things hadn't started and he just says WTF?!?!? All I could do is laugh and tell him I guess I'm going to clinic for blood test to confirm, but looks like we are having one more!!!

We both were in shock over it and the blood test did confirm baby #3 is cooking. We kept this newest development a secret until Mother's Day!! Longest time I think ever that we've not told our parents big news it was almost a month! We wanted to wait til my first appointment and ultrasound though because I've had miscarriages in the past. 

Our parents were as shocked as we were though and it was fun to add that to the Mother's Day wishes! 

Anyone else have fun reveal stories? I'd love to read them! This was first time I got to surprise husband with baby news and since I only had minutes to throw something together it was the best I could do. He got the message though and it's a fun story we have now! Next I need to plan how I want to reveal on FB :)