Thursday, February 18, 2016

Star Wars fever

My girls and their dad are OBSESSED with Star Wars and the fever really striked the house when the new Force Awakens came out. My kids wanted to go see it with their dad, but he wanted them to see the originals first. So we spent two weekends watching all the original Star Wars. (by original I mean 4-6, because I'm told those are the only ones that count, lol)

That's when the fever hit my kids hard!!! They've all become obsessed and every time they see anything with Star Wars it gets pointed out. 

My oldest decided she wanted to check out books at the local library (amazing what you can find at the local library, I'm just saying) and can you guess what she checked out?!? Yup Star Wars!!! One of the books was a craft book so I was tasked with making most of the items both kids wanted. Thankfully most of the stuff that I needed to create these crafts you can find at the local dollar store!

These are their Millennium Falcons and I also had to make the little girly a special belt. 


The final project came from another blogger and was an awesome Valentines craft I made for my oldest to take for their exchange. Forgive the mess surrounding them, but I immediately bagged them for her to take to school so just snapped the pic as soon as they were completed messy scraps from creating them and all :)


The kids also want light sabers, but we need either paper towel tubes or gift wrap tubes and I don't have any on hand yet. Oh and to make paper plate Yoda's that they saw in the craft book, those are part of weekend plans I think.  So I hope the "crafting force" will be with you all and you create some fun things for/with your kids!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Anniversary fun

They always say to expect the unexpected, but I didn't expect to have my kids for most of the day yesterday. It was my anniversary and my sweet friend was supposed to watch the kids all day. Well, her kid ended up sick and we didn't know until we arrived. So plan B was made at the last minute. 

Family is part of why we get married, so only fitting to me we spend the day as a family doing special stuff as a family. Off to the big city we go and drive around looking for a new restaurant to try as a special treat. We found a fun looking seafood restaurant tucked away on a side road and headed on in. The food was delicious and it was great discovering this as a family!

After that we continued on with our original plan of trying to find a new bedding set. We like to follow the suggested anniversary gift ideas and this was year 13 for us! The gift listed for year 13 was lace or textile/furs. Lace is kinda hard to get for a guy really which is why we decided on some new bedding, that's a textile, right?!? 

The Bed, Bath and Beyond didn't disappoint and we found a great set, so we couldn't leave the kids out. Toysrus was right next door and we took the kids over there and allowed them to pick a new toy. Barbie Rock and Royals for the win for my girls!!

Not the day we intended or the places we planned to go, but over all a great family day out with special treats for all of us!

Sunday, February 14, 2016


According to the Oxford Dictionary Lent is: the period preceding Easter that in the Christian Church is devoted to fasting, abstinence, and penitence in commemoration of Christ's fasting in the wilderness. In the Western Church it runs from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday and so includes forty weekdays.

In the Catholic church that I attend they highly encourage attendance to the Ash Wednesday Mass to help symbolize the beginning of Lent and get you spiritually prepared for the Lentil season. I signed my oldest out of school so that we could go to Mass and then take the rest of the day to talk about our sacrifices we planned to make for Lent. This year is the first year my 8 year old really understood that we give up something we love during this time as a personal sacrifice, but she really wanted to give up something also. It's great that in her Sunday school teachings she's learned about this and understands that this is our way of sacrificing something we love just like Jesus fasted for 40 days leading up to Easter.

My daughter decided to give up playing her DS which to her is a very special possession that we truly limit her time allowed on it. While I tend to give up Facebook as this is something that I enjoy wasting to much time reading every day. (It really is scary how many times I would check FB to see updates from friends and the random pages/groups I like). I do get my messages from there so if someone was to reach out to me I would know, but otherwise I don't spend that time I used to on there. My daughter and I have also talked about doing things for others during this time and we've already donated some items to a local family who lost everything in a tornado that happened a little over a week ago.

I'm hoping that we grow as a family during this time of Lent as we will definitely be spending more time together with fewer distractions from the things we have chosen to give up! I hope that any of you reading this that celebrate Lent will also think about not only giving up something, but also doing an act of charity during this time!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So I think my hubby may be buttering me up so I get him something awesome for Valentines, because I told him I bought some new make up from one company only to be told about a great deal from another company selling just around the corner from the first.  I was tempted, but instead told my husband about the deal with some ;) winky faces ;) to hint that I might want it too. He texted back with "you don't need a bunch of makeup're pretty without it!:)" His exact words from my text!!!

Well, guess this girl is gonna hit up her favorite shopping site Amazon in order to find something good and get it delivered in time for the big holiday! If you don't have their Amazon Prime Account you are missing out, because they offer FREE two day shipping on so much stuff! Works great for those last minute shoppers and for items you may want right away!

I'm not quite sure what I plan to get him, but I did find a magnet that fit my husband perfectly! :)