Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Replace your excuses with fresh determination

I've driven past the same sign at the same church for months now. I seriously think they wrote the phrase on there after Christmas and never took it down. I'll have to take a picture as I drive by, but it's gone from wow that's motivational to man I should really freaking wake up and listen to it!!!


"Replace your excuses with fresh determination." 


Read it and then read it like 60 more times!!! It really starts to stick after you read it a few times and then BAM it hits you. It's like a big "hello" greeting you saying to stop making excuses and start doing stuff!!!


So I write this in hopes that it does the same for someone else! 


What am I being motivated to do, well, a lot actually. I'm considering becoming a realtor, working on a big sewing project for my husbands cousin, trying to blog more then once a month, start some quilts, and the list could go on. One thing I have been wanting to do since I saw this blog post is to make myself a cutting table for my sewing area. So after redoing my youngest daughters toy storage I had an extra cube organizer and I got started cleaning and deciding a new layout. My downstairs is now an obstacle course, but I have the starts of a new table and just have to find where everything will go. I'll do a post about my redo very soon. 


Motivation may not always be there when you have kids taking over your life, but remember you need to take care of you too! So please "replace your excuses wth fresh determination" and you will succeed!

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