Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year.....New Goals!

Every year you see New Year, New You, or questions about your new years resolutions and what your plans are to make this year better then the last! Well, I definitely get on board with the new year, new you and the need for weight loss after the holidays! I mean who doesn't completely gorge themselves on cookies, candies and other assorted treats starting in October and ending sometime after Christmas....if your lucky!

I don't ever give myself a weight goal to hit, because honestly I've weighed about the same since I had my second kid 3 years ago. I have fluctuated and did lose a good bit of baby fat, but never did much to help drop the weight. Who really has time with two kids?!?!? Well, really that's no excuse I've decided. You have to make time if you want to make a change! Over the summer I was sent a link to a mom who does work outs in her home and had lost 100 pounds IN HER HOME! Yes, it takes proper diet also, because eating leftover chicken nuggets and pizza isn't good for you if you want to drop a few pounds. Sad I know!!!! Anyways, back to the work outs, I was told about this work out challenge that was being done and one was starting up for summer. So I took the challenge! 90 days of work-outs, what the heck was I thinking committing myself to that?!?!?

Well, 90 days is a long freaking time in the summer when both kids are at home and your trying to work out. It's also long when you have a two week road trip planned!!! So I probably did more like 75 days even though I did extend past when the challenge ended since I skipped about all of the two weeks we were gone.  I picked it back up when we went home :) To hard for me to work out on the road especially when internet wasn't always available.

You know what happened during that time.....I DIDN'T LOSE ANY WEIGHT!!!! That's right NONE, however, I did slim down in areas and get muscles as big as mountains if you asked my oldest! This is why focusing on weight can't always happen! I got so upset that I pushed myself so hard while doing the work outs and I ate a little better, but lost nothing!!!  Such a disappointment to my ego I'd say, but I took pictures and compared them and could tell I did get more toned in my arms and legs and slimmed down in areas.

So where am I going with this? Oh yeah, new year goals! My goal now is to focus on another 90 day work out challenge and not stress about the number on the scale! It matters to everyone in their own minds and ways, but who really knows that number besides you? Well, your doctor and maybe your significant other and that's it. What people will notice is you slimming down and toning up and guess what else? Muscle weighs MORE then fat!!!! Yup, that's right, the thing you want most is muscles and toned arms and legs and those things add weight to the scale! So rather then focusing on a number I'm going to focus on how clothes fit me and how toned and strong my body is becoming!

I really do feel better when I get in a work out and I am doing them from home. There's tons of free videos on YouTube of work out's you can do in your living room. I literally only use hand weights and a chair in my living room to work out and get fitter. My husband has told me he doesn't like taking measurements for me anymore because my calves put his to shame and my thighs are like rocks so there's no need to measure them anymore. I just laughed and asked how I'm supposed to track changes, his response was to just take the before and after photos since those were what truly show the difference!

Still thinking you don't have time, trust me you do! The kids want to watch TV forever anyways, so why not take your tablet to another room and load up a video and get to work! I've done that before, but I like putting the videos up on my TV through the Blu-ray player. So I let the kids work out with me which sometimes means lots of stopping, or they eventually go play in their room, but I get the work out done and I feel much better about myself after that. I promise it can be done and you don't have to go torture yourself with the gym and daycares if you don't really want to. I did love going to the gym back in the day, but options here are limited and daycares in gyms are only certain hours or not available at some gyms. So this works great for me, but even a walk around the block could help, so just make the time and do this one thing for YOU!!!!

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