Friday, January 8, 2016

A Halloween post I totally forgot to hit publish on, ooppssss

So Halloween came and went this past weekend correction months ago, and I feel like my friend said it best the other day also months ago, she said "I feel like I'm the Grinch of Halloween!" I read her Facebook post saying that and thought, yeah that sounds just like me. She posted it maybe the day before Halloween, but I'd been feeling it for at least a week!

Before my little family and I moved Halloween was one of the bigger holidays we celebrated. My dad would come over and help pre-decorate the house for our Halloween activities. We'd always set up fun stuff to look at leading up to the day and then the night of we'd figure out how we want to scare people. Of course, as years evolved and kids came into the picture the scare tactics were limited, but they were still there. This was always one of my favorite holidays mainly because my Dad and I bonded over it. This was our thing for the most part and he and I would get really into setting things up. 

Now that I've moved away the decorations have been limited on set up, because the addition of a second kid meant our time was spent on them more then decorating the house. The house I'm in now had very few people in the neighborhood last year so we did a few decorations, but took the kids elsewhere for trick or treating. This year there are more houses and people, but I just didn't feel in the spirit I guess. Due to traveling I didn't even get the chance to take the kids to a pumpkin patch which has been a tradition I started when we had our first. I think that combined with my mom getting the kids costumes months in advance I just didn't feel the same about it this year. 

I've always made or at least been the one to purchase and decide on my kids costumes, but grandma stepped in this year and got some cute dress up dresses from Cracker Barrel of all places. Don't get me wrong these dresses were amazing!!!!! One looked similar to Elsa the other was a witch costume with lots of sparkles everywhere! They were fabulous and the girls were in love when they got them and didn't stop talking about which ones they'd wear. They both got two dresses, but chose the Elsa and witch the others were similar to rapunzel and another orange colored witch versus the purple that was chosen.

So I was kind of Grinchy for Halloween this year and I'm okay with that. The girls had fun going to two days of trunk-or-treating and we did go to a few houses that were handing out candy when we arrived home. I'm just hoping this isn't an insight into the rest of the holidays as I don't want to be a Grinch the rest of the year, but I know that Christmastime is a really hard time to be a Grinch when you have two kiddos at home to raise your spirits!!!

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