Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rambling about blogging :)

I started this blog with every intention of posting way more frequently and getting more tutorials online. I sure haven't done that up to this point!

I've posted some tutorials for sure, but hadn't realized how much work goes into taking the pictures, uploading and typing things out. I'm so meticulous too that I probably type out more then I need to for directions, but I want anyone reading to know exactly what to do without a doubt.

There are times when I just want to type out about my day and have no clue if I should or I worry about what others will think. I know that once it's on the internet it's there forever. Even if I delete it once someone's read it and possibly copied or shared it that it may not be deleted after all.

Some of these are things holding me back whether they should or not, but they are. It's also about the time it takes even to type up a post about my day. I think if it's worth typing it out or not and if anyone would care. I know people do it all the time and we all have our various social outlets we use. I have a Facebook that I use to post pictures for family and friends but even on there I'm hesitant to write things in my status that could be misjudged.

It's important to be this way I think though because it's better to be safe about what you write then to just dish out every aspect of your life!

Sometimes I just want to post on here about the stuff I'm not telling family and friends just so I can get it off my chest, but even that I'm hesitant to do. It's all about what I really want anyone with an Internet connection to have access to.

I realize no matter what I write there will be someone sitting there reading and judging and I just have to get over that! I'm going to try to do that as there's so many ideas I come up with on things I think someone may want to read or know about.

With that I leave you this promise to try and post more even if it's just a quick post about my crazy, beautiful life!!!

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