Thursday, September 17, 2015

My September 11, 2015

Everyone has their stories of where they were and what they were doing on September 11, 2001. Myself, I was in music appreciation class at the college I was attending. When I got out of class my Mom had left me messages and been calling me to tell me what happened. At the time my Dad was still in the Army so that meant he could be going to fight the war that was about to start.

The events of that day have become a huge turning point in the history of our country, but yet some people show no respect for it. Our children learn about it in school now and there are countless amounts of memorials and ceremonies to honor those we lost.

I realize that some people may have only been children when the events took place and may not totally understand how much the attacks affected our country and our military. The thing I don't understand is how some people can't even respect a simple moment of silence on the date that this happened.

I was more shocked by the mother and her adult daughter at the commissary who couldn't stop shopping for one minute to offer a moment of silence for those affected! The commissary for those who don't know is a military grocery store that only military families have access to. So, of all the places to be and to not just stop for a single minute out of respect is unbelievable to me. All families in the military have been affected by the events on September 11th. That was a turning point in our history and when we as a country began the path to war. Anyone affiliated with the military has been affected even now as the nation still is at war as a result of these attacks.

The commissary had done a beautiful job of talking about the events.  They stopped the music and the majority of the store was silent just to listen to what they were saying. All you could hear were a few children who just didn't want to be shopping that day, but the rest of the store was silent especially when the moment of silence was announced. It could have been where I was located that I didn't hear anything else, but I definitely heard this mother/daughter coming down the isle I was on. While I'm standing still head bowed in silence they are talking about what chips to buy the little one in their life. When I looked up at them they looked at me as though I was crazy or in the wrong for stopping what I was doing to give a brief moment of silence for those we lost that day.

I hope that all of us can continue to remember those events and instead of not being able to stop our shopping just take that moment to reflect!

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