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Rapunzel DIY Apron for kids, toddlers and dolls

Rapunzel inspired Play Aprons for Kids and Dolls

I'm so excited my daughter picked out some fabric from Hancock Fabric awhile back that she just loved and said was Rapunzel fabric.  So since she behaved while we were in the store I picked it up.  At first she wanted me to make her a skirt, but I was looking around and found a picture somewhere on Pinterest of play aprons.  These were super cute, but it was just a link for someone selling them.  I was bummed and did a search for how to make a kids apron, but didn't find any tutorials that made something similar to what I wanted really. So since I already had an apron in the right size to use as template I just decided to get to work and make my own up along the way.  Figured that someone else may want to make one for their little's and maybe their matching dolls :)

This is the "Rapunzel" fabric that my little one picked out!

Child and Toddler Sized Dress-up Apron Tutorial

Doll Sized measurements are included, directions are the same!


Please note that I ended up making 2 toddler sized aprons, 1 older child  and 2 doll aprons from materials I'm listing. I used what I had on hand for everything but the Rapunzel purple fabric, so if you plan to make only one you may have enough materials on hand or not need to purchase as much as I list. A lot of fabric stores have scrap areas for ends of bolts and you can check there for the satin if your only making one.

 Materials Needed for child/toddler sized:

  • 1 yard of Rapunzel fabric or any fabric you choose as skirt and accent fabric.  (If you are only making one and the fabric doesn't have to go in one direction because of a pattern you could buy only 1/2 yard)

  • 1/4 yard Pink Satin-or scrap satin-toddler sized you need an 8 1/2" square-bigger kids 9 1/2" square

  • 1 Roll of Pink Satin Ribbon

  • 1 Package or roll of white shimmery rick rack

 Cutting Instructions:

Toddler sized: (made this to fit my almost 3 year old)

  • Purple skirt fabric-14" by 36" or wide of fabric-since I bought a yard I just cut 14" off the bottom, so if you buy 1/2 yard you may want to cut to 36" length as it will get bulky if you don't 

  • Purple skirt fabric- 2" by 8 1/2"- you need two this size

  • Pink Satin-8 1/2" square

  • Pink Ribbon-2 at 16" and 2 at 22" 

  • Rick Rack I didn't measure as I cut, just laid it how I want on satin then cut after I got the affect I wanted

 Child Sized: (my daughter is 7 and this fit her great and should last awhile as it hit below her knees)

  • Purple skirt fabric-16" by 36" 

  • Purple skirt fabric-3" by 9 1/2"-two needed

  • Pink Satin-8 1/2" by 9 1/2" you could do 9 1/2" square just would be wider across chest and I only wanted to add length to satin.

  • Pink Ribbon-2 at 16" and 2 at 22" 

  • Rick Rack I didn't measure as I cut, just laid it how I want on satin then cut after I got the affect I wanted

Doll sized:

(instructions are all the same as below with exception of the neck ties.  Instead of ties I used a piece of cute elastic to make neck hole so the kids just slip the apron over the dolls heads and I don't get asked a million times to tie the ribbon necks. Oh and I didn't bother with rick rack on the dolls version either and so far no child has noticed this fact!!!)

  • skirt-7 1/2" by 19"-this will fit an 18" type doll (one pictured above was made 5" by 19" for smaller dolls) 

  • purple fabric for sides-1 1/2" wide by 5"

  • satin-3" by 5"

  • ribbon for waist-11"

  • small piece of elastic cut to 8" for neck maybe a little bigger as some dolls it was a tight fit mainly because my daughter was nervous to stretch the elastic-if you want to use ties instead I would cut 11" ribbon again for waist.  

Assembly Instructions: 

 Instructions are the same for both kids sized aprons, so once you've cut your fabric to the size you need just follow along should be pretty easy!

First thing is you need to cut the pink satin fabric to make it into a trapezoid type shape. I lined it up on my cutting mat and use a ruler to cut an inch off the top and angled it so it didn't cut any off the bottom, see pic on left of how I laid ruler. I forgot this step when I made the child sized and didn't do at all for the doll ones!

 Next lay out your rick rack, I used two pieces to make this. I started in the top left corner and zig zagged to the bottom right and then did same thing with another piece from right to left. Pin and sew down onto satin in the middle of the rick rack

Take the 2" or 3" piece you cut and this makes up the side of the top. I used a long strip as I made these and just cut it after sewing down, so if you are reading this before cutting feel free to do that too. Sew the strip to the pink satin right sides together so you can press open.

  • Now set the top part aside and we will make the skirt bottom. For this I sewed a running stitch on my machine to act as my gathering stitch. 
  • Choose what part you want to be at the waist, my fabric had a 2" section without flowers by the salvage so I chose that to go at waist.
  • Then if you set your machine to the highest tension and the longest stitch length it will gather the fabric for you!!! The picture above is how it came out of my machine and that was almost gathered enough that I only had to pull the bobbin thread a little to get it to same size as my top piece!  Super easy and love to gather items this way :)

Once the skirt fabric is gathered to same size as the top piece we assembled you will pin the two together and sew them with right sides together. Picture above is it flipped over for you to see how it looks pinned.  I pinned with the top laying on my table and the skirt over it so I could adjust the gathers as needed. (after sewing the top and bottom together I ran it through the Serger to seal the ends in and make the middle sturdier. if you don't have a serger you may want to sew another line down in either zigzag or straight closer to the edge of the two)

After I serged my waist line, the next thing I did was run the whole apron through my serger to seal in the ends. If you don't have a serger you could do a double fold over hem all the way around, but make sure to put your ribbon into the folds before you sew.

  • Once serged I folded over the serged edge onto the wrong side of the apron and sewed it down, this is where you would need the double fold if you don't have a serger! (the black thread is where I sewed down the serging to my back of the apron.)
  • I also attached the ribbons at this point too. I tucked the ribbon into the folded part and then folded back over the serging so it's visible on the front. Sorry didn't take a picture of this I can if needed of the finished ones.
  • The ribbons I attached the 16" at the top for neck ties somewhere close to where the purple and pink are sewn together, I didn't do anything special for this just sort of eyeballed where I wanted them. Then the 22" is for the waist ties and put those by where the top and skirt come together.

 That's It!!!! Your done and now your little one has a super cute apron to pretend to be Rapunzel in! I tie the neck straps in a bow for my girls so they can slide it on and off themselves too.


Fits our Dolly great!
Loving how this turned out!!!

I'm super happy with how these turned out and the girls are already trying to get me to make some more in different fabrics! Pattern would work great for a regular apron as well, if you don't want to have side panels on the top just cut the top piece 1 1/2 to 2 inches wider.

Would love to see any projects you make with these patterns, feel free to share pics in the comments section!

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