Thursday, May 7, 2015

Don't be quick to judge another mom!!!

I'll start off with saying since I had my first child over 7 years ago I stopped doing things like getting manicures and pedicures on a regular basis.  I would splurge on the occasional pedi because I just can't go without my toes painted and my poor feet needed some TLC (especially during pregnancy number 2 and I couldn't reach them anymore). That was reserved for the start of summer time though and to get ready for sandal season. 

As far as getting my fingernails done and any sort of prettiness to them, yeah that was saved for super special occasions!!! I used to love getting longer fake nails with the gel stuff they use at the nail places so that they are super strong too. That all changed when I had my first kiddo because I just didn't feel it was as important and I stayed home a lot with her so what was the point.  Besides the items needed for our little one were more important then having fake nails done and having to up-keep them every 2-3 weeks.

Well, my sweet, darling hubby told me just before Easter this year to go take a few hours to myself and get my hair done and my nails all fancied up.  Take a spa day if you will while our oldest was in school and he watched the youngest.  So I did!!!!  He told me to splurge even and get those fake nails I loved so much :) This was one happy momma!!!!  I got my hair trimmed, colored, styled and then went over to the nail salon and let them give me some super strong gel nails (which is great because mine are not so strong anymore.) Nice relaxing treat for me just before the crazy weekend that was coming up.

Fast forward to this week......I kept the nails and got them filled while I put the little one in daycare because my older daughter had her First Communion and she wanted me to keep my "pretty nails" for her big day.  Hubby agreed it was fine to splurge again, so I did, but thankfully not spending as much since a fill isn't as big a process! Well, the nails were fun but had to go and I couldn't take that the edges were all messed up and looked a bit crazy and my hair kept getting tangled in them. (you know what I mean if you've had them before, but it's like the edges start to pull off from your nail and it's just enough space to get hair trapped in it and pull, ouch!)

This lead me to an absolutely necessary trip to the nail salon!!!! Oh and it's not a day care day for my little one, but I truly didn't want to wait until it was. My youngest is 2 and a half (have to add the half) right now and she's usually pretty well behaved, so I figured we will go first thing in the morning and knock out this "errand."  Mornings are also her best time for behavior too!

I walk into the salon and tell the guy what I needed done, I had to get the nails off and wanted a gel polish put on since usually the take off process leaves my nails extra fragile. Well, while I'm signing into their book I overhear these ladies getting pedicures.  What they were saying is what sparked me to write about all the other stuff in this post!  They said "I would never bring a kid into a nail salon like this," the other lady said "I agree it's just no place to have little ones running around."

You know what they were right on one part, it's not a place to let kids run around, but that wasn't my plan at all.  I had an ipod packed and charged and snacks if absolutely needed and no plan at all for my little one to be running around the place. They continued to talk about how it wasn't right and that they'd never even think about bringing their kids, well, correction only one of them had kids! The other person said if she had them she wouldn't think it smart though.

What isn't smart is talking crap about someone bringing their kid and them being able to hear you! Even the nail people just took to my little girl and chatted with us both! This salon was attached to a very small shopping center with a hair salon and a few other small places, but the ones in the mall you see people with kids in them ALL the time! I was shocked that they even felt the need to mention it, let alone talk about it for so long. I kept my mouth shut though and just went about getting my nails done. (I didn't know if my kid would even behave for long enough so why comment if she turned out to be bad then they'd be right again I shouldn't have brought her.)

Thankfully, my sweety of a daughter did great! She sat in a chair the whole time and only got down once to get in our bag, but no running around the salon for her. When she got bored she started peeking over the arm of the chair at these woman getting their pedicures done. They commented to me how cute she was and how well behaved and I said thank you and smiled, but nothing more. I really didn't know if she'd make it the whole time behaving, but she did great! To me that was the biggest statement we could make back to these ladies who were obviously judging me for toting her into the salon to begin with.

The thing that bugged me is they didn't know me or my situation. For all they knew I was coming in during my only free time to get my nails done. Maybe, I couldn't afford day care and had a gift certificate, they don't know! I could be new to the area too and not know anyone to watch her either, or work full time and had to do this during day off. The possibilities are endless and if my kid was a nut case and running all around the salon disturbing their time, by all means judge away because that's not right I agree! Just don't judge me when I walk in the door with my kid in my arms thinking that your pedicure is now ruined because I had to bring along my child.

To all the mommas out there who feel trapped in your homes and just want a quick pedicure or your hair done or anything really, I say go for it! To those ladies who can go it alone please don't judge the rest of us!!!! Would I rather go to the salon or the coffee shop alone?!? Well, yes I would, but I don't always get that luxury and I'm not going to stay in my house the whole time I raise my children either!

Don't Judge a person or their actions to early, you never know what's going to happen or their story when you do!

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