Friday, July 29, 2016

Best tip ever....... To save a stuffed toy from having band-aid stuck to it!

So if you've ever dealt with the trauma of taking a child to get their shots you know sometimes you do all you can to stop the tears! My sweet girl had to get her 4 year shots and brought along a stuffed Sofia doll to help her be brave. Well, be brave she was not, but the nurse offered her stickers after to cheer her up. She denied the stickers and then was offered an extra band-aid so her toy could match. THIS she accepted!!!! 

So I thought no biggy band-aid would stay on there forever or come off easily. Boy was I WRONG! Sofia became all better about a week after shots and that stinking band-aid was super stuck in her soft doll like skin. Ugh!!!

Well, I'm here to save you all with this awesome tip I found after googling because I wasn't going to sit here picking tiny pieces off Sofia's leg. Lotion!!!

Yes, I said Lotion, give your lovey a little lotion on top of and around the edges of the band-aid. Let set for just a second and then slowly peel it off! That's it!!!! I was seriously shocked that this even worked but OMG it did and I saved Sofia from permanently having parts of a band-aid stuck to her leg. Bonus is the lotion I had nearby was a stress relief one that smells great so now so does Sofia! I'm sure this would work for a sticker also and it didn't leave behind any sticky residue either! 

Hope this helps someone else rescue a stuffed animal in sticker/band-aid peril!

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