Monday, February 2, 2015

Where did January go?????

Oh My Goodness,

I truly have no idea where the whole month of January went!!!  Well, okay that's a little bit of a lie I know where it went, but it went so fast that I couldn't keep up and I've neglected a lot of things during that time that I'm not happy I did.

My blog for one thing got terribly neglected :(  I really wanted to get better about this and February should be a much better month in terms of life getting into a routine again, so I promise to anyone who is reading this I WILL write something during the month.  I won't promise you anything more then that as I don't want to fail, but I'm hoping for a tutorial or two at least!  Which also means that my much neglected crafting time will get back into my life as I can't post a tutorial about things without having the pictures and I won't have those without crafting....see where this is going :)

So my apologies to anyone of you who may have been following my start up of a blog and was disappointed to not see anything all month of January!!!  It was a whirlwind month in my household and I just truly didn't have time to do much of anything.

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